The ANATOMIC® total knee system is the result of morphological research on over 400 knees and prioritises stability while allowing natural joint movement.


Stability: The PS design of the ANATOMIC® knee provides stability throughout the range of motion and optimises flexion, preventing paradoxical anterior glide.

Comfort: The femoral component design has an optimised implant sizing range, allowing for post-operative comfort and a natural feel.

Reproducible Precision: The ANATOMIC® system is available with instrumentation for all approaches to the knee as well as Amplitude’s AMPLIVISION® computer assisted surgery and i.M.A.G.E.® patient specific instrumentation.


The trochlear groove is angled at 6°, has a constant radius of curvature and is offset laterally to reproduce the native femoral trochlea, reducing stress on the patella tendon.

The femoral component has a single radius of curvature throughout the active flexion arc. The PS box resection is proportionately scaled across the size range, thereby preserving bone stock.

The posterior stabilisation cam provides stability by delaying contact (beyond 90° flexion) with the insert’s post while allowing some rotational movement.

The tibial Insert has a curved anterior lip to ensure joint stability throughout the range of motion.

The ANATOMIC® knee system is available with instrumentation for all approaches to the knee. It is supported by Amplitude’s AMPLIVISION® computer assisted navigation technology and i.M.A.G.E.® patient specific instrumentation system.

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