Based on a proven design, the HACTIV® cementless primary femoral component is a fully hydroxyapatite coated titanium alloy stem that has been in clinical use since 2001.


Options: Collared and non-collared implants available in standard 135° and lateralised 128° neck shaft angle.

Pathway: Instrumentation caters for most approaches including the direct anterior approach, and provides multiple solutions throughout the procedural steps.

Unique: Electrochemical titanium anodisation aims to improve corrosion resistance while allowing for easier implant identification.

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  • The HACTIV® stem is designed and manufactured in France by the team originally responsible for one of the world’s most widely used cementless femoral implants.
  • More than 25,000 HACTIV® stems have been implanted worldwide since 2001.
  • The stem features a polished, fully cylindrical, reduced diameter femoral neck to improve range of movement.
  • Stability has been enhanced by the sloping macrostructures that sit perpendicular to the axis of load and are curved in line with the native compressive arches to help create osteo-integration bonding.

  • The two neck variants available and can be used with the three main morphotypes (varus, normal and valgus).

  • The femoral heads range from Ø22.2 – Ø40mm.

  • The HACTIV® system offers a progressive combination between lateralisation and lengthening.

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