i.M.A.G.E.® is a Patient Specific Instrumentation (PSI) system designed by Amplitude to be used with the SCORE® and ANATOMIC® primary knee replacement prostheses.


Personalisation: Using detailed Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans, 3D digital models of the patient’s knee are created and transferred into the i.M.A.G.E.® preoperative planning  software, enabling surgeons to accurately plan implant position and alignment.

Integration: Customised instruments are designed to fit directly onto the patient’s anatomy and manufactured using 3D printing technology.

Efficiency: The single-use instruments significantly reduce the number of standard instruments required in the operating theatre, reducing setup and reprocessing times, and increasing surgical efficiency.


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  • 3D printed, single use positioning guides matched to specific patient anatomy, incorporating the surgeon’s pre defined alignment parameters.
  • The modular and reusable, pin guide attachments are clipped into the 3D printed guides to accurately guide pin placement. Various pin guides with built in femoral rotation adjustment are available for intraoperative fine tuning.
  • The tibial pin guide includes built in capture to check tibial axis alignment. The femoral pin guide includes capture to cross check the transepicondylar axis prior to pin insertion.
  • 3D positioning guides are manufactured in-house at Amplitude.

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