Amplitude has partnered with OrthAlign® to provide precision hip and knee technology for surgeons and their patients.

The OrthAlign® technology aims to provide orthopaedic surgeons with a simple, cost effective tool that generates real time data and reproducible results.

Recent clinical studies have demonstrated OrthAlign® technology to improve implant alignment compared to traditional mechanical guides.

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  • KneeAlign® provides both tibial and femoral navigation in a simple, palm-sized, single-use device and is compatible with both Score® and Anatomic®. Learn more: http://www.orthalign.com/kneealign
  • HipAlign® provides cup navigation and measures changes in leg length and offset for direct anterior and posterior approach total hip arthroplasty procedures. The technology intraoperatively displays angles that have been clinically proven to match six week post-ops. Learn more: http://www.orthalign.com/hipalign-technology/
  • For more information visit the OrthAlign website: http://www.orthalign.com

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