SCORE® Revision

SCORE® Revision is a mobile bearing, semi-constrained cemented knee arthroplasty implant for revision cases.


Stability: Joint stability is ensured by congruency of the femoral component with the tibial bearing from 0° to 65° flexion and the intercondylar cam and post mechanism.

Options: Tibial and femoral extension keels are available with optional offset connectors relative to the knee centre and tibial and/or femoral augments.

Compatibility: SCORE® Revision tibial components are the same as the SCORE® primary knee system to allow for system compatibility.


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  • Frontal and sagittal plane stability between femoral component and insert is achieved by a single centre of rotation from 0° to 90° flexion, and complete congruence from hyperextension to 65° flexion.
  • The femoral box resection is proportionally scaled across the size range in order to preserve the bone stock.
  • The insert’s anterior chamfer provides relief for the patellar tendon and is flared in order to allow for different size compatibilities.
  • The SCORE® tibial component has an anatomical rear cut-out to help match bone morphology. The contact area with the insert is highly polished, which reduces wear at the tibial component–insert interface. Keel and delta wing help to stabilise component in the tibia.
  • If used in a primary procedure, the SCORE® Revision prosthesis can be implanted using surgical Computer Assisted Surgery.

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