First implanted in 2002, the SCORE® total knee system offers a clinically proven solution for today’s active patients.


Clinical History: The mobile bearing SCORE® implant range offers both surgeons and patients confidence in a design that has been in use for decades with consistent outcomes.

Patient-Driven Motion: The single radius design of the SCORE® femoral component and mobile tibial bearing aims to restore natural kinematics and mobility by enabling the patient’s soft tissue to guide while allowing rotational freedom.

Range: SCORE® is available with a variety of well established cemented and cementless fixation options and is also available as SCORE® Allergy Solution (AS) for patients with nickel sensitivity.


  • Trochlear groove is angled at 6° and has a constant depth and radius of curvature.

  • Femoral component is designed with a single radius of curvature throughout the active flexion arc, and a 6° anterior cut for better anterior cortex fit to reduce the risk of notching.

  • Tibial insert is fully congruent with the femoral component in extension.
  • Tibial insert has a cylindrical cone locking mechanism into the tibial baseplate to allow for self-centering and prevents the bearing from separating from the baseplate during flexion.
  • The SCORE® tibial baseplate has a posterior cut-out to help match bone morphology.
  • The SCORE® knee system is available with instrumentation for all surgical approaches. It is complemented by Amplitude’s AMPLIVISION® computer assisted surgery navigation technology and i.M.A.G.E.® patient specific instrumentation system.

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