Virtual Patient Coach

Intelligent, customised messaging that guides
and supports your patients before and after surgery


STREAMD is a seamless chatbot messaging system that increases patient engagement yet reduces practice workload
by delivering automated, personalised coaching and support for your patients before and after surgery. It is clinically validated* to: 

    Improve patient outcomes & word of mouth referrals

    Reduce re-admissions & emergency room visits

    Reduce patient calls to the practice

    Reduce narcotic use & dependence


    No downloads, log-ins, passwords


    No integrations or training required


    No burden on clinical staff

    *Randomised Clinical Trial Results (Campbell et al. 2019)

    A Novel, Automated Text-Messaging System Is Effective in Patients Undergoing Total Joint Arthroplast.


    “We know clinical teams are being asked to do more with less. At a time when physicians wish they could contact their patients on a daily basis, STREAMD makes it possible.

    Dr. Kevin Campbell CEO & Co-Founder of STREAMD

    How STEAMD Works

    STREAMD uses artificial intelligence to send your patients automated, pre-programmed text-messages and videos customised to match your tone, treatment preferences, timeline and care instructions. The system’s effectiveness lies in its ease of use for patients, clinic staff and surgeons, and its ability to engage patients, reduce clinical workload, and mitigate physician burnout.

    Messages typically start 2-4 weeks before surgery and continue 4-6 weeks after surgery but the duration is entirely up to you.


    Our SMS chatbot handles over 300 topics on pain management, recovery, physio, emotional wellbeing, and more.

    Daily support helps set recovery expectations and answer common patient questions so they are less likely to contact the practice or hospital.

    Patients only see your name and brand and can begin immediately by typing “JOIN” to your unique STREAMD number.

    The service only takes us a few days to create and all patient support material is provided. 

    This is a marvellous service to patients. It has helped me from being confused and kept me on track before and after my complete knee replacement surgery. It is like an assistant advising and reminding what is good for me and what would be right for me to do. I have found this extremely helpful.

    STREAMD patient from Perth, December 2020

    Increase referrals

    STREAMD was designed by orthopaedic surgeons who know what it takes for a product to succeed in the clinical setting.
    It has been tried and tested by over XX physicians and 12,000 patients and has proved to be a valuable resource in
    surgeons proactively stimulate and influence their word-of-mouth referrals by:


    • Providing patients with a ‘talk trigger’ – a tangible, positive experience to talk about
    • Prompting patients to give feedback
    • Providing a real point of difference from other patient support programs

    of patients said STREAMD had a positive effect on their recovery

    of patients said they would recommend STREAMD to a friend undergoing a similar procedure

    of patients said they did not have to call the office because STREAMD answered their questions

    of patients said STREAMD made them feel a more personal connection to their physician

    The STREAMD Difference

    Healthcare practices across the world have been implementing mobile apps and platforms in an attempt to remedy the common pain points surrounding patient engagement. However, these attempts often strain clinical resources or lack the conversational intelligence required to drive meaningful engagement. Patients’ expectations are changing and they want conversational interactions that are not confined to an app or portal.

    Apps and web based portals

    • Require downloads, log-ins, passwords and patient/staff training
    • Only 3% of apps are used after 30 days*
    • Only 20% of emails are opened*
    • A RUSH university study found patient take-up of the leading orthopaedic mobile app was 3 – 4 patients/mth*

    STREAMD – the only SMS Chatbot in Aus

    • No downloads, log-ins, passwords or patient/staff training 
    • Fully automated and easy for the patients to use
    • No monitoring from clinic staff
    • Clinically proven to reduce practice workload
    • 98% of text messages are read*
    • A RUSH university study found patient take up of STREAMD averaged 30 patients/mth*

    *Using Patient Engagement Platforms in the Postoperative Management of Patients,  Campbell, Loui, Levine & Gililland, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature 2020, 9 May 2020

    Nice personal way of feeling involved and someone looking out for us and reminding us to do the needed and right things. Excellent system! All doctors should follow your system!

    STREAMD patient from Perth, November 2020

    Our Offering

    As you consider expanding your reach to patients, STREAMD offers the opportunity to enhance the patient experience
    without any further burden to your existing resources.

    Through a partnership with you, Amplitude will provide STREAMD as a complimentary service to your practice,
    handle the entire implementation process and provide all the materials necessary to enrol your patients.

      Our aim is to help you:

      • Improve patient outcomes
      • Increase patient satisfaction
      • Reduce readmissions and avoidable ER visits
      • Reduce patient calls and emails to your office
      • Reduce patient narcotic use
      • Increase the perceived value in the care you provide
      • Elevate your patient experience
      • Promote their brand and patient referrals 

      Next Steps

      1. We visit your practice to discover more about your specific needs, patient pathways and surgical instruction

      2. We consolidate this information into your personalised patient messages

      3. You start enrolling patients as soon as  you’re ready

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