Introduced globally in 2016, ACLip® offers a unique solution for femoral fixation in Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction and has surpassed 2000 implantations since launch.


Stable fixation: The intramedullary anchor cage of the ACLip® allows the graft fixation to be close to the tunnel entry point, aiming to reduce micromotion and the risk of tunnel widening.

Reproducible technique: Specific instrumentation gives accuracy of the tunnel position and tunnel depth whilst minimising soft tissue disruption.

Immediate feedback: ACLip® makes an audible ’click’ sound to signal that the graft is locked into the fixation, confirming the ACL graft is secured.


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  • ACLip® consists of two main parts.

  • ACLip® F Cage is a PEEK cage with an external thread which is used to attach the ACLip to cancellous femoral bone. The cage is cannulated with a retaining clip mechanism for the eyelet of the ACLip® F Button to fasten into.

  • ACLip® F Button is a 15 mm long braided suture which passes through a titanium eyelet that clips into the ACLip® F Cage.

  • The system uses a tensioner device to lock the F cage into the F button and fixate the soft tissue graft on the femoral side, when the graft is fixed there is am audible ‘click’ sound for clear feedback.

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